If you’re looking to host a party but don’t know where to go, think Southern Culture Kitchen & Bar! We can accommodate a variety of events, from social gatherings to work meetings. No matter if you’re looking to host a private dinner, wine tasting, cocktail reception, business luncheon, or even a wedding reception, our space and amenities are great for any kind of gathering. You also have the option to choose food items from our menu or even work with our team to craft a hand-selected menu with perfectly paired drinks.  


If you’re planning a wedding, check out Southern Culture Kitchen & Bar! Our space is perfect for cozy, rustic weddings looking to capture that South Carolina flair. Choose from our current menu, or work with us to create the perfect pairings of savory dishes and delicate or even full-bodied wines. Our bar can handle all the drinks for your wedding reception, whether you want to offer an open bar or pay-per-drink.


Here at our restaurant, we readily admit that we love wine. And what do we love even more than wine? Wine tastings. They’re the perfect get-together for team building or even just a fun few hours to enjoy with friends. Taste our selection of various wines, from fruity to earthy wines. Savor the aromas before each tasting, and maybe even learn something about wines that you didn’t already know.


Whether you’re looking to hold a private dinner for coworkers to discuss the latest business deal or you want to host a cozy family dinner, Southern Culture Kitchen & Bar is the perfect venue. Enjoy our excellent selection of wines or order drinks from our bar while you enjoy delicious Southern dishes (while enjoying the company of your peers, of course). Contact us today to find out how we can host the perfect private dinner for you.


Need to treat the team to a little something extra? Our cocktail receptions are just the ticket! With plenty of available seating (and not just tables and chairs), our venue is the perfect spot to hold a cozy cocktail reception. Let your employees relax with a drink or two while we handle all the heavy lifting.

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